Day 1…

(Revised – Aug 2017) I started blogging in 2009 . Before that, I wrote my thoughts out through stories typed on Microsoft Word, Facebook posts and ideas scribbled in my journal(s).

But every time that I sat down to write, I stopped. I’ve known for a long time that I have wanted to write. To live my life in public. To share my stories. My past. My pain. My joy and my accomplishments. But until now, I’ve always quit.

I was scared of rejection. I am a trained people-pleaser. Someone who has often let guilt and fear run my life. But in the last year, God has shaped me into a new version of myself.

A Becky who isn’t scared….
Who is free from the bondage of people pleasing…
Who is ready to move on, grow up and live my life as an imperfect journey.

I’m not exactly sure where God is going to take this story but I invite you to take a look into my world. Sit down & grab a cup of coffee while I tell you a little bit about myself.

My goal on this blog is to live open, honest and free. To share my life with others: the joy, the pain & the lessons. To be a light to others and help them find healing through Jesus. My journey is my testimony… I’ll tell the story and let God do the rest.


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