Faith, Healing and Giving the Glory back to God.

Your faith has healed you. Mark 5:34

When I was two years old, my daddy fell off of a two-story building. The fall shattered his vertebrae and the doctors told him that he would never walk again. This was hard news for our family because as a manual laborer, his legs are what put food on our table. He was scheduled to have a 12-hour surgery so the doctors could try and piece his spine back together. From what I’m told, our church came that day and prayed non-stop during his surgery and by the end of the week, he was walking…without physical therapy. He went on to work, standing on his two feet for 22 more years.

This is only one of the many, miraculous healings stories that involve my dad. Some people called him a “cat with 9 lives” while I chose to call him a “Man of Faith.” Throughout my lifetime, he faced the broken back, a shattered ankle, a collapsed lung, Parkinson’s disease, and many other ailments that would cause a normal person to stay in bed. However, my dad was different. His life has taught me a lot about faith and his faith reminds me of the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak. I think they have a lot in common that we can all learn from.

First, both she and my dad had no hope for healing.

Second, their faith brought them closer to Jesus and they were freed from their suffering.

Finally, both parties fell at the feet of Jesus and in turn, gave the glory back to God.

No Hope:

There are countless other stories in the gospels that recount people who had “no hope.” And I’m sure that you and I can remember times when we felt hopeless. Some in our communities are hopeful for jobs. Some are hopeful for healing. Others are hopeful for other reasons, love, family, futures. The key word here is hopeful. There are always two ways of looking at things and I think rather than dwelling on the hopeless. We have to remain hopeFULL.

Like the lady who touched Jesus’ cloak and like my Dad, both were hope-LESS according to their doctors but in their own heart, they remained hopeFULL. Verse 28 says, “She thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” When others thought she would never be healed, she knew there was a way and that way was through Jesus. And the same goes for my Dad, we could have accepted their diagnosis but our church family prayed non-stop and he was miraculously healed.

Before we move on, I should say that even when we are hopeful, God does not always answer our prayers. This is not to say that we don’t deserve healing or that God is not listening. Its just to say that sometimes God has a different plan for us and unfortunately when it comes to healing, we don’t always get what we want.

Freed From their Suffering:

Both my dad and the woman were freed from their suffering after keeping their faith and their hope in Jesus. Can you think of a time when you were healed or freed of something? Lately, I have re-adopted the discipline of praying intentionally every morning. As I pray, I have faith that God loves me and will take care of me whether my prayers are answered or not. But that no matter the outcome, I have to remain faithful to God.

Which brings me to my next point….

Giving the Glory Back to God

I don’t know about you but when I get what I want, I rarely say Thank You. It’s part of my human nature to be satisfied and to move on to the next “I wanna.” The problem here is that I forget to give God the glory. In a recent struggle, I prayed long and hard for God to help me on an issue and guess what, He did! How magnificent! Well, I kind of forgot to thank God until the next day!

The next day as I was recounting the story to a friend of mine, it occurred to me (thanks Holy Spirit) that my prayer had been answered. And here I was gloating that the situation was over. Like my dad and the lady who touched Jesus, we have to give the glory back to God. Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” and she was afraid but knew that she had to face Jesus. I don’t think her fear here was fear of him as a person but fear that she realized she was healed.

After my dad walked, after his collapsed lung, even into his Parkinson’s disease, my dad constantly gave God the glory that he had a plan for his life and that he wasn’t “done” with him yet. I used to laugh because I thought my daddy was just old and funny but I realized now the depth of his relationship with God and that he did have a plan for his life.

Can you think of any answered prayers recently? Have you thanked God for them?

Overall, I feel like we can learn a lot from these people of faith who occur in our lives as well as throughout the gospels. The woman who touched Jesus is not the only person who was saved by faith. Jesus consistently tells people that they are saved through, by, for their faith.

Today I want to encourage you to think about your faith. Where are you at on your journey? Are you in the honeymoon phase with God when nothing could go wrong? Or has your rock of faith dwindled into a tiny pebble? Wherever you are, I want to encourage you to stop and pray and ask God to help deepen your faith wherever you are at now. It is easy to have faith and to be happy when things are good but it is only when we are Hope-LESS that we need to cling to God’s promises and trust in Him. You will be freed from your suffering, Trust him. And then Give back the glory.


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