#LivingThanksgiving – November Challenge!

women of thanksgiving

As we pick up the candy wrappers and finish off the last of the candy corn, you may say to yourself, “Is it already November?!” It seems like New Year’s Eve was just yesterday. Preparing for a new year, full of resolutions (or not) and thinking about the time ahead.

I don’t know about you, but time has started flying lately. Maybe it’s age or having two kids 3 and under but it always seems like I’m just trying to get on to the next thing. We finished the birthday party. I need to buy milk on the way home. Tonight I’m supposed to bring snacks to bible study. My head is filled with a constant To-Do list. Not to mention, I have lists in my email, on my phone and on 5 different notepads around my house.

Dear friends, November is here. And before we know it, we’ll be ringing in 2015. But before we get lost in the holiday season, STOP. Look away from your screen. Close your eyes if you want and reflect on what the year has been like.

Maybe it’s been one of blessings…new home, new job, new friends? Maybe it’s been a year of trials. Maybe one of loss? Or all three. Even if the troubles outweigh the victories, can we still pause and thank God for the year?

Yes, sister, I know it’s hard but this November, I pray that we will be Women of Thanksgiving. Not only the Thanks but the Giving too. Throughout the month, I will be featuring different women in my life whom I find inspiring. I’m hoping for a daily post on my Facebook page if I can find enough women to participate and I will try to sum it up on here weekly for those not on Facebook.

How are you #LivingThanksgiving? Will you share your story with me? If it’s been a year of trouble, I’d love to pray with you. If it’s been one of blessing, share them so we can celebrate. Let’s not allow the next 8 weeks to run away from us. Instead, slow down and enjoy the season ahead. Let’s challenge one another to be Women of Thanksgiving.


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