Lent 2015 Challenge – Come Alive…


“Jesus does not offer to make bad people good but to make dead people alive.” – Ravi Zacharias

This year for Lent, I want to offer up a community challenge. Every week, we will look at the life of Jesus and respond to his effect on our lives. I will use my Facebook page to conduct our challenge so please feel free to “like” my page and comment there. I am so excited for our journey together through Lent.

Our 7 Week Theme is as follows:

  1. WEEK 1 (Feb 18-Feb 22): He came to make the dead, alive.
  2. WEEK 2 (Feb 23-Mar 1): He came to make the broken, healed.
  3. WEEK 3 (Mar 2-Mar 8): He came to make the unloved, loved.
  4. WEEK 4 (Mar 9-Mar 15): He came to make the shamed, pure.
  5. WEEK 5 (Mar 16-Mar22): He came to make the frightened, courageous.
  6. WEEK 6 (Mar 23-Mar 29): He came to make the weary, rested.
  7. WEEK 7 (Mar 30-April 5): He came to make the captive, free.
  • Monday: READ – Reading a passage that pertains to the theme.
  • Tuesday: RESPOND – Answering a question about the text or your life.
  • Wednesday: REMEMBER – A memory verse for the week.
  • Thursday: PRAY – Praying for those impacted by the theme.
  • Friday: FAST – Ideas on ways to fast during Lent.
  • Saturday: SERVE – Ideas for how to serve during Lent.
  • Sunday: WORSHIP – A video for our community to listen to and worship together on our own time.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Here we go! Day 1….


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