Mary, Mother of Jesus

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Scripture Reading: Luke 1:26-38

I never really connected with Mary’s story in the bible until I became a mother. I remember being pregnant at Christmas time and playing Mary on my church’s float in the local Christmas parade. Yes, friends, I’m from the South and we do that sorta thing down here.

That Christmas as I wore a white dress and a blue veil, Silent Night and Away in the Manger took on new meaning for me. Even today, the song Mary, Did you know brings me to tears. I watch my three year old son tell complete strangers that he loves them and I wonder what God will do with him one day in His kingdom. “My boy has a purpose. He is going to do great things,” I think to myself with a proud mama smile.

Moments like these connect me to Mary’s story. I wonder if she had similar moments. I’m sure she did. I imagine her watching Jesus learn to walk, kissing his boo-boos and wiping his tears away. Sigh, what a delight to be his mama.

We learn from Luke’s first chapter that Mary was an obedient woman. She was highly favored and didn’t blink twice before she submitted to God’s will. It’s easy to think about the happy moments of Mary’s motherhood but I also think about her submission in the hard moments. Watching Jesus be tortured and hung on the cross, my mother’s heart aches for hers.

Her story reminds me of Hannah’s. A sweet girl who prayed for a baby and commits to turn him over to God’s plan once she’s weaned him from her breast.

Maybe you’re not a mom so you don’t feel connected the way that I do to Mary or Hannah but I ask you this: What is it that you need to hand over to God? Where is he calling for your submission? Is it your job? Your marriage? Your eating habits? Your lifestyle or past-times?

What we learn about Mary is not focused on her parenting skills or homemade/diy/pinterest-inspired crafts. No. We learn about her submission. Her obedience. Where is God asking you to be obedient today?

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