Rich Mullins, Grammie Doris and Walking in God’s perfection

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Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:24-27

When our team decided to showcase the story of someone who inspired us, I knew I wanted to write about Rich Mullins. Even though I never met Rich, I feel connected to him because we are both a part of a special line of people mentored by Maurice and Doris Howard.

Allow me to introduce my mentor, Doris Howard. I met Doris (whom I call Grammie) in 2006 when I started going to Highland Christian Church in Asheville, NC. Although she is not my biological grandmother, she is my family. Doris is a woman who has walked with God for a long time. She is devoted, loving, forgiving and a blessing in my life.

Doris knew Rich Mullins through her son, Sam, who was Rich’s friend at Cincinnati Bible College. Rich moved to Wichita to be near Doris’ husband, Maurice. Like my relationship with Doris, she and her husband took Rich under their wings to nurture him, aid in healing wounds and grow him in Christ.

If I had to sum up Rich’s story in one word, it would be “journey”. Throughout his life, even if at times, it seemed he didn’t know his next step, God had him on a specific journey. A journey of self awareness, a journey of healing, a journey of teaching, a journey to freedom.

While Doris has many stories about Rich, one comes to mind about a time when he spoke to her church’s youth group about the house on the rock and the house on the sand from Matthew 7. Rich said, “If you’re a Christian, when the storm is over, you can still stand up.” This story has been inspirational to me. In the next storm that comes my way, even if I’m knocked off my feet, I will still get back up.

After Rich died, Doris spoke at his public memorial and reflected on three lessons that God taught her as she mourned the death of her husband, Maurice, and how it also applied to Rich’s unexpected passing. She said:

  1. Death is non-negotiable.
  2. God’s will is perfect.
  3. We have to learn to walk in his perfection.

Today, I ask you to reflect on your own journey. The storms that have passed and the ones that are still to come. Maybe you’re knee deep in muddy water as we speak. But I wonder, “Are you still standing?” Like Doris said, in the midst of pain, we have to trust that God’s will is perfect. And when the storm is over, we can stand up and learn to walk his his perfection

To learn more about the life of Rich Mullins, I highly recommend the film honoring his story, Ragamuffin. It’s available on Netflix or for purchase through Amazon or local retailer.

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